Thursday, December 24, 2009

Colt developed the design basis memorandum (FEL 2) and basic engineering package (FEL 3). The scope of the project included a new S-Zorb unit, SO2 recovery process (CANSOLV) modifications to two FCCU gas plants, distillate desulphurizing unit, sulphur plant and various utilities.

Twin Valley Co-op Ltd. supplies bulk fuel from our Manitoba branch locations in Russell, Rossburn, Birtle, Miniota and Elkhorn. We also run out of Welwyn, Saskatchewan.

Every time an election is held for any office, the subject of ANWR Drilling, America’s dependence on petroleum and the politics of oil and gas eventually comes up in discussion. To understand the debate the overall issue of Anwr and the impacts of drilling there must be clearly understood.
 Why? Because the issue of climate change, oil exploration and the future of the United States and the world are at stake. What are the real pros and cons of drilling in ANWR? ALASKAN OIL DRILINGANWR is the name given to 19 million acres on Alaska’s North Slope – the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In 1960 the government named it a protected area and has added even more land since then.


When deposit exploitation is concerned, the Offshore Petroleum and Gas industries are interested in characterizing the first few dozens of meters of sediment,
essentially for:Assessing the installation risks of operating infrastructures, wells, pipes, etc. breakages in slopes, the detection of gas pockets, etc.The detection of gas hydrates. The precision of the soac-logs reduces the number of direct measurements needed for the geotechnical survey of a zone: in a favorable situation, the number of direct measurements can be reduced by a factor of 4 to 5: to find out more, discover the NĂ©ris performance data sheet

Panic at the pumps

TERRIFIED motorists and shoppers were forced to flee for their lives yesterday after a petrol station caught fire near a busy supermarket and threatened to EXPLODE.A car,
van and petrol pump burst into flames in a mystery blaze on the Morrisons garage forecourt near the Almondvale Centre in Livingston.Amazingly, no one one was injured after firefighters dashed to the scene and quickly doused the fierce blaze, right, just SECONDS before the petrol station was in danger of blowing up.Eyewitness Peter Nicolson, 38, from nearby Whitburn, said it was a miracle no one was killed.He said: “I was in the nearby B&Q when I heard bangs like fireworks going off.

The world map of oil

Even inside or related to the oil industry, an increasing number of personalities who do not approve the war of resources, have said they favored detailed and transparent reconsideration of energy provisioning at world level. In fact, many voices have demanded an organization, as independent as possible, to control the distribution of the world energy.
Both, the said ecologist Yves Cochet and liberal Matthew Simmons have requested, as many others, a world emergency plan to put an end to the imminent energy crisis [8].In this critical situation, the free market laws can not be applied and the most powerful become predators to keep their own living standards. This was Bush-Cheney’s perspective [9] , when they opened the road between Afghanistan and Georgia; they tried to overthrow the government of Venezuela and invaded Iraq.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oil Industry: Wanted: Engineers, Geologists

Elizabeth Souder’s intriguing article in The Dallas Morning News suggested that “This is a great time to look for a job in the oil industry.” She reports that the current high oil prices have and aging industry workforce have increased enrollment in petroleum engineering and geology programs.

Before applying to petrotechnical programs or sending resumes to oil companies, prospective industry employees would be well-advised to heed the advice of Lauren Welker who said that “her peers don’t base career choices on commodity markets.”

Dropping Dollar Prompts Basis Change

OPEC members, Iran and Venezuela, have recently called for changing the currency basis for crude oil from US dollars to Euros. What’s behind this move?

The following graph shows the FOB prices of OPEC crude oil in $/B and Euros/B.

Oil Imports and High Prices Contribute to Trade Deficit

According to The Dallas Morning News of November 14, 2007, U.S. crude oil imports in 2006 were $225.2 billion. These imports accounted for 27.6% of the 2006 trade deficit of $817 billion. The U.S. had trade deficits with the OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Venezuela. The U.S. had a $103.8 billion deficit with Saudi Arabia.

Will History Repeat Itself?

Over the period 2001-2006

* World oil consumption increased by 6.9 million b/d or 9%
* Demand growth in China accounted for 37% of the volume
* Increased consumption in the United States contributed 14%
* This growth occurred in spite of a 280% rise in OPEC oil prices from $19.73/B to $55.35/B

PetroChina Knocks ExxonMobil Out of First

PetroChina has become the world's largest public oil and gas company at $980 billion according to the Dallas Morning News. Its valuation is four times that of ExxonMobil.

PetroChina ranked 13th in oil equivalent reserves based on 2005 figures. National oil companies occupy the top spots led by Saudi Arabian Oil Company with over 300 billion barrels. Last year PetroChina had 20.5 billion barrels compared to ExxonMobil's 22.1 billion and Royal Dutch Shell's 11.3 billion. For a complete list of the top 50, please see Leading Oil and Gas Companies Around the World.

New and Old Beam Pumps

Somertimes when we think that something is a "modern" invention, it turns out to have been around a lot longer. Take for example, the beam pump, a staple of oilfield production since the early 20th century. The pump jack is used to bring oil from the reservoir below the surface to the surface.

How High Will Prices Go?

With crude oil prices in the $90 range, the average motorist is wondering how high gasoline prices will go. Crude oil spot prices were $94.16/B (West Texas Intermediate at Cushing, OK on 10/31/07) and average retail gasoline prices were $2.872/gallon (10/29/07).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The word Petroleum is derived from two words Petra meaning rock and oleum meaning oil. The oil occurs naturally in porous rocky strata in liquid form is the crude oil.
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